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The Concept of the Capstone Group was a vision that I had when I started my career in the field of accounting. The idea was for small to medium business owner to have the opportunity to have professional bookkeeping services on a monthly, bimonthly, or weekly basis depending on their company structure, size, financial position and management needs. All this without having all the frustration of having a full time staff member and cost that goes with such a full time position. No client would be too big or too small.

Thus our first company Capstone Accounting Solutions (Pty) Ltd was created and started on the 23 March 2007. Capstone Accounting Solutions (Pty) Ltd was created with one goal: To supply clients with correct accounting records, management statements and financial advice on a timely basis to make their business work for them, grow their wealth, grow their business, leave a legacy and to make decision making and tax planning as effective as possible. We Implement controls, procedures and sound business practices to assist our clients and their staff to insure that all information is correct and reliable for any third party to use and scrutinise.

The interest and need since the start has been so overwhelming and Capstone Accounting Solutions (Pty) Ltd has grown in to a group that has been divided into five separate entities. Each with its own specific speciality and focus. These companies are as follows:

Please feel free to look at all the services we provide in association with Maxfin Incorporated by going to the tabs for each company.

As the Capstone Group we pride our self with the level of service we provide. The growth of the group over the last years has been a indication of our commitment to our clients. I believe that if we grow our clients they will in return grow our business. The Capstone Group provides a variety of Accounting, Financial, Tax, Secretarial, IT and other services. You will be hard press to find a company that provides such a all in one service. There is little or few activities we do not address in the modern small to medium business and if there is any service we do not render our network of client and associated companies is big enough to assist in these needs. Our clients are from various industries and activities and we service all types of organisations: Companies, Close Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Traders and Trusts. We have sufficient knowledge and experience to deal with each type of entity and the challenges that accompanies these organisation. Please have a look at our services or contact us to see if we cannot make the Capstone Group part of your business tools and solutions.

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Armando Small

Managing Director
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